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Providing Standards Insights to Members of a Trade Association

CPI gained foresight through customized discovery and standards mapping aligned with their goals.


“Our Standards Watch report allows us to flag areas of change for our members and identify where we may need to intervene with a developing standard.” 

Debbie Stringer, Director of Environment Confederation of Paper Industries
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The People

The face of the UK's paper industry

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) is the trade association for the UK's paper-based industries.

With a broad variety of member interests including promoting paper as a positive, sustainable UK industry, it’s an organization with a huge, growing range of standards to monitor.

The Challenge

Seeking a long-term strategy

The CPI had relied on select industry contacts for ad hoc updating of their members around standards, but this was no longer sustainable and they needed a new long-term solution.

Hundreds of standards are relevant to the CPI’s member organizations, in areas ranging from the safety of machinery and food packaging to sustainable manufacturing and environmental management.

The CPI needed to keep its members updated on relevant standards across 12 key areas. Without the time and resources to do it internally, they needed reliable and experienced help with monitoring and reporting on standardization work.

The Solution

Showing the lay of the land

We worked with CPI, giving clear understanding of paper sector-relevant standards through a Standards Landscape research project, delivering a monthly report identifying changes as they occur.

A Standards Landscape provides a bespoke, factual analysis of the landscape for a specific market, technology, service, product or activity. The Standards Landscape research project for the CPI ensured that they had an accurate and up-to-date view of the entire landscape.

The CPI’s bespoke Standards Watch report is now delivered monthly, identifying changes to standards in revision or under development, covering the selected BSI, CEN and ISO Committees as agreed in the Standards Landscape, and taken from 46 committees highlighted by CPI.

A new page of successes

The monthly report has made a huge difference to CPI members. Benefits include:

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    Ensures key stakeholders are kept up to speed on standards

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    Enables members to stay one step ahead of change and remain compliant

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    Helps the CPI and its members have a say in the development of new standards


“Standards Watch ensures we don't lose the opportunity for further involvement in standards development.” 

Debbie Stringer, Director of Environment Confederation of Paper Industries
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As the UK’s National Standards Body, we’re a trusted and established organization with an expansive network.

Our partnerships with governments, private companies, universities, and Research centres enable us to provide research services tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

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