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About Us

A History of Looking Forward

Since our origins in 1901 we exist to have a positive impact on society, from early standards for steel sections, to the future of nanotechnology.

Today, clients all over the world rely on our century's worth of experience raising standards to accelerate progress towards a sustainable world.

Our story begins in 1901 when work on the first standard began. The Kitemark was registered two years later, and our Royal Charter was first granted in 1929.

By 1942, we were recognized by the UK government as the nation's only standard issuer and were on our way to becoming a champion for consumers in post-war Britain. We published standards to underpin the quality of seatbelts, motorcycle helmets and furniture.

We invited consumers themselves to influence standard development, through the Women’s Advisory Committee (forerunner of today’s Consumer and Public Interest Network), and the roots of our commitment to sustainability appeared, with our guidance on air pollution and nuclear energy.


Accelerating opportunities and driving progress

From the 1970s to today, we've shaped many of the world’s most influential management system standards.

We've had a positive societal impact through three standards that have transformed organizational performance and remain at the heart of our work: Quality (the ISO 9000 series), environmental (ISO 14001), and health and safety (BS OHSAS 18001).

Our high impact and deep capabilities saw our reputation go global

BSI Americas was established in 1991 and was followed in 1995 by our first Asian office, in Hong Kong.

New parts of the world continue to come on board

Since 2000 we've been driving impact from our bases in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, the US and South Africa.

A comprehensive portfolio of business services

Our growing global footprint is matched by our increasing range of business services.

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    Certifications and testing.

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    Information and security.

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    Software solutions.

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