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Chief Executive Officer

Responsibilities of the CEO

Reporting to:

The Chairman, The British Standards Institution (‘BSI’) board

Purpose of role:

  • To lead, manage and develop the BSI Group (the ‘group’) in accordance with BSI’s purpose and values;
  • be responsible to the board for the overall performance of the group, ensuring that it is well-positioned to achieve its strategic objectives and is able to respond positively and appropriately to challenges and opportunities;
  • and enable the board to manage the group's activities properly and in accordance with regulatory and legal requirements.



  • Set a clear vision and strategy for the group working with the group Leadership Team, positively communicating that vision and strategy.
  • Develop the corporate plan to deliver the key priorities of the group.
  • Work collaboratively with the Chairman and board to ensure that the group has clear and effective leadership.
  • Promote and embed the values of the organisation to ensure all staff are aligned with the direction of BSI and are motivated to achieve its vision and values.
  • Lead by example, providing credible, visible and inspiring leadership, taking personal responsibility for all aspects of the group's services, while empowering others to do the same.
  • Lead the group Leadership Team to work effectively, creating an environment which promotes creativity, teamwork and a high-performance culture.


  • Take executive responsibility for the group's operations, ensuring compliance with relevant legal, and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure that there are high standards of control, risk management and financial security.
  • Provide information and advice to the board and group Leadership Team to enable effective review and evaluation of business risks and make recommendations, ensuring that the financial position of the group and its subsidiaries are not jeopardised.
  • Ensure effective management to enable the group Leadership Team to work to deliver the business plan targets as a team.
  • Define objectives and effective performance reporting through the group Leadership Team to ensure that resources are effectively and efficiently deployed.
  • Sustain and promote an organisational culture centred on supporting stakeholders and continuous improvement.

Represent and promote

  • Develop and maintain productive and successful external relationships to promote BSI and influence external decision-makers.
  • Represent the group on appropriate national, regional and sub-regional decision-making groups and strategy forums.
  • Build effective and productive partnerships that support BSI’s purpose and values.
  • Promote equality and inclusion at all levels of service delivery, employment and leadership.

Other aspects

All post holders are expected to understand and comply with BSI's policies and procedures on finance, information technology, data protection, health and safety, diversity and inclusion and any other policies in relation to the duties of the post.

The above duties are not exclusive, and the holder may be required to perform reasonable additional duties at the request of the Chairman. These duties may be performed on behalf of any subsidiary or associate of BSI or any other organisation with whom the group has a legal relationship.