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AI Training Courses

ISO/IEC 42001 Training Courses

Learn the systems, tools, and techniques to implement and audit against key Artificial Intelligence ISO standards.

ISO/IEC 42001 artificial intelligence training courses

Minimize risks, unlock potential and build trust in AI with the world’s first AI Management System (AIMS) framework ISO/IEC 42001:2023.

Build a robust foundation to effectively use, develop, communicate, or promote AI solutions with our training courses and qualifications.

Learn in a way that works for you, whether that's live online, in person, or self-paced with on-demand eLearning.

Benefits of ISO/IEC 42001 training for you and your team

Our courses are designed to give learners the knowledge and skills needed to add more value to an organization, whilst developing a career.

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    Minimize uncertainties and enhance decision-making with robust AI governance.

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    Streamline processes and boost productivity using AI insights.

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    Leverage AI-driven insights to capitalize on new market possibilities.

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    Gain a competitive edge by implementing advanced AI strategies and standards.

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  • In simple terms, AI encompasses the broad concept of machines simulating human intelligence. Machine Learning is a subset of AI where machines improve from data without direct instruction. Deep Learning, a more specialized subset, excels at interpreting complex data structures.

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  • AI presents both opportunities and risks to individuals and societies. When used responsibly and ethically, it can help shape a resilient digital future. One that respects privacy, safety, security, and reliability.

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  • AI offers the potential to enable us to work smarter and accelerate progress towards a sustainable world. It is already transforming numerous sectors by optimizing processes, enhancing precision, and automating tasks, which contributes to more efficient resource use and faster decision-making.

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  • Identify the structure and requirements of an effective AIMS and what this means for you. Gain a thorough understanding of the history and development of ISO 42001:2023, key terms, definitions and the ISO harmonized structure. You’ll learn to interpret and apply the key concepts and principles of the standard to existing processes within your organization.

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  • Improve and protect your organization, share knowledge of AI management and build stakeholder confidence with our ISO/IEC 42001 Implementation Training Course – and gain the expertise to put in place a robust and quality artificial intelligence management system (AIMS).

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  • Be confident that you can efficiently meet stakeholder expectations with a robust artificial intelligence management system (AIMS). Work with our world-class information security trainers on our Lead Implementer Training Course to ensure your AIMS is ISO/IEC 42001 compliant. By training with us you will gain an internationally recognized qualification that enables you to implement exceptional artificial intelligence management standards in your organization.

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  • As a risk-based standard ISO/IEC 42001:2023 provides the option of 38 risk controls that you may determine necessary for managing your AI risks. This course provides you with an oversight into how you can implement these controls if they are necessary for the effective implementation of your AIMS.

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  • An ineffective audit can have severe consequences, resulting in process failure, customer dissatisfaction and regulatory noncompliance. Optimize your auditing skills with the internationally recognized ISO/IEC 42001 and boost your internal audit capabilities. Gain confidence in planning and performing an effective audit, as well as reporting and assessing corrective action where necessary.

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  • ISO/IEC 22989:2023 is a normative reference in ISO/IEC 42001:2023. Understanding the concepts that underpin this standard is vital in its effective deployment into an organization. This course will provide you with an understanding of the main concepts of AI and AI systems to complement your knowledge of management system standards.

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  • Auditing is crucial to the success of any management system. As a result, it carries with it heavy responsibilities, tough challenges and complex problems. This five-day intensive course trains AIMS auditors to lead, plan, manage and implement an Audit Plan. It also empowers them to give practical help and information to those who are working towards certification and also provides the knowledge and skill required to carry out 2nd party auditing (suppliers and subcontractors).

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“BSI as our training provider brought us expertise, experience, and confidence that our internal auditors would be trained to a very high standard.” 

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