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Pioneering BIM To Help the Environment and Drive a Competitive Edge

With its core commitment to embracing new and evolving technologies, LPC saw BIM as central to competitive differentiation.


“Kitemark certification really means something to our clients because of the excellent reputation of the BSI brand.” 

Ir Dr. Llewellyn Tang Founder and CEO, LPC
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LPC – Putting BIM at the heart of accelerating success

Business Information Modelling (BIM) was embraced by LPC as one of the technologies central to its innovative attitude to operations.

Llewellyn & Partners Co. Ltd. (LPC) is a digitalization consultancy involved in many large-scale BIM and information management R&D, training and implementation projects in the UK, China and Hong Kong.

The Challenge

Ensuring BIM compliance to bolster reputation

With the profile of BIM greatly on the rise, the challenge for many organizations - including LPC - has been not knowing the most effective route to becoming BIM compliant.

Organizations within the built environment are increasingly using software that enables BIM processes to drive efficiencies and strengthen collaboration. But many companies, including some software vendors, face challenges (the so-called ‘BIM wash’) substantiating the BIM capability claimed for their products.

An effective way to counter this is through independent third-party assessment and certification with a trusted partner. This was the route LPC decided to take, becoming part of a BSI pilot process for certification to the new Kitemark.

The Solution

Putting certification and thought-leadership at the heart of collaboration

LPC's AutoCDE and AutoBIM products were rigorously assessed for ISO 19650 for full compliance in respect of multiple functions.

BSI’s assessors looked beyond core-functionality needed with BIM and examined the security, support, development and resilience of the software, as well as LPC’s wider business management.

LPC has become one of the first organizations globally to achieve the Kitemark, demonstrating its commitment to a collaborative approach across the lifecycle of a built asset and leading the way for software vendors in spreading best practice across the built environment sector.

Using BIM to differentiate in a competitive marketplace

LPC’s customers now have confidence that LPC’s AutoCDE and AutoBIM products are certified for full compliance in respect of the following functions:

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    Common data environment (CDE).

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    Model viewing/authoring.

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    Model coordination/clash detection.

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    Design, construction and asset management.


“Our Kitemark proves that we truly support BIM-standard alignment; this reassures clients we can give them the appropriate solutions for their needs.” 

Ir Dr. Llewellyn Tang Founder and CEO, LPC
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Making a difference with BIM

The BSI Kitemark™ is globally recognized and respected. Certification of software to it strengthens an organization's reputation and builds trust with clients.

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