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An Easily-Deployable and Simple-to-Use Platform to Manage Data is a cloud-based data-analysis solution that aims to helps organizations find, organize, process and protect unstructured data.


“By the time our clients contact us with their DSAR challenge they are under an ever-increasing time pressure.” 

Clive Dobbin Employment LLP Partner, Paris Smith
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Using Regulatory technology, helps organizations solve complex data privacy challenges. is the 2023 AI company of the year. It automatically detects and redacts personal and sensitive data contained within data lakes and IT environments. This enabes Data Protection Officers and Cyber Teams to act with confidence — fast.

The Challenge

Creating and enforcing the highest standards of integrity

Handling the most sensitive of data requires confidence and trust.

In an EY law survey, 60% of respondents said they had seen an increase in DSAR requests, and the cyber incident market is expected to achieve a global size of $120bn by 2030 according to Research and Markets. Organizations need to be able to quickly identify all the personal and sensitive data that exists in a defined data set when efficiently processing DSARs and conducting risk assessments in the aftermath of cyber incidents. It's critical that every aspect of any partner organization adheres to the highest standards of integrity.

The Solution

Finding identifiable and sensitive information at incredible speed

Empowering clients to respond to questions with confidence and ease through AI technology. enables teams to provide redacted disclosures within one month and a breach report within 72 hours. It has been designed to identify all data that either needs to be considered for redaction or considered for disclosure to the ICO. Being Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001) certified means being able to prove their capabilities related to cyber security and supplier due diligence. The ISO certification provides the internal structure and processes needed to respond early and accurately to customer queries and needs.

Designed from the ground up to answer real-world challenges leverages AI and machine learning to:

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    Save organizations up to 80% of the time spent detecting data of interest.

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    Save organizations up to 90% of the time spent redacting sensitive data.

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    Save organizations 80% of the cost associated with responding to DSARs and cyber incidents.

Actively demonstrate a commitment to integrity

Certification to Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001) enabled to:

  • Implement best practice workflows and business operations.

  • Improve the experiences customers have with the brand at every touchpoint.


“Working with is game changing, the team are highly supportive and go beyond the ordinary.” 

George Harris Senior Certified Data Protection Officer
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Being trusted with personal information is imperative to success in today's data driven world.

Our certification services help you create efficient and effective processes that empower staff so they can support clients and build lasting relationships.
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